Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Tablerunner and placemats

I finished another tablerunner and placemats today.  This one is really large measuring 20 x 58 inches.  To put it in perspective I put 3 placemats beside it so that you can see the full size of it.  I also went over the poinsettias with gold laminated thread.  They don't show up too much in the picture but the gold thread really makes them pop. 

Here is a picture of the poinsettia even though the gold doesn't show up too much.

I have also been making mug rugs.  It is something I saw on a blog and thought that I would like to try it.  It was Pleasant Home .  They are really cute and fun to make.  I'm afraid that I copied hers because I needed the inspiration but next time I will try to come up with my own idea.  They are a nice extra Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.  Thanks Jodi.

I just have to put the binding onto my Cotton Theory Tablerunner and it will be finished.  Maria is coming over tomorrow and we should get them finished up then.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cotton Theory Workshop

Wow, what a fabulous workshop.   We came home totally exhausted but full of knowledge.  Nancy was a wonderful instructor and took all our mistakes in stride, ripping out seams and ironing pieces for us all.  More than once I goofed and sewed the seams wrong but she just got me doing something else while she did the ripping. 

I didn't get the tablerunner finished, no one did, but the last few steps were explained and Maria and I will get together this week and finish it up.  I will post some pictures then to show you the difference between the Cotton Theory and regular quilting.

I was so enthused with this new way of quilting that I bought a book to make another tablerunner and the scissors used when doing this type of quilting.  They are very sharp so that they can cut through multiple layers of fabric.  (Like 12) You will understand that more when you see the pictures of the finished tablerunner.
What a great day.