Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Have Been Busy Over The Last Month

I haven't blogged for a while but I have been busy making quilts.

I saw this pattern on Missouri Star Quilt Company and it was perfect for my 2 inch squares.

This is a real scrap quilt.

Sixteen patch 2 inch squares with pinwheels.

I really enjoyed making this quilt because there were no seams to match when I put the blocks together.

Another Jar Quilt.  Lots of food here.

This was a neat quilt to make called Arrows but some of the blocks had squares that don't show up too well.

A child's quilt made with fabric with road signs.

This looks like a disappearing 9 patch but it wasn't put together like that.

Another scrap quilt made with a 4 patch and pinwheels.

Another food quilt but just patches staggered on the quilt.

Lots of 4 patches.

I bought this fabric about 5 years ago and finally found a pattern that I wanted to make with it.  

This is a quilt I made at the quilt bee.  I was leery of what it would look like with the assortment of fabric that I was given but it turned out really nice.


Friday, March 3, 2017

More Placemats

I put quilt making on hold for a while and have been making placemats for the guild to give to Meals on Wheels.  Still using up some orphan squares and new pattern.

These were from a panel that I purchased a few years ago,
and just added some borders on the top and bottom.

Some flying geese that I found in a drawer that I forgot
that I had.  After I found these I discovered about 50 more 
they will be made into a quilt.

I found these squares all sewn together so thought
I would make a placemat out of them by adding
borders to the top and bottom.

When you don't read the pattern this is the result.

After I read the pattern this is the result.  
This is what they should look like.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lots of Placemats

I have been busy trying to use up some of my orphan blocks and scraps and placemats are a good way to make good use of them.  


A couple of sets of placemats and a few that are definitely using orphan blocks.


Saturday, January 7, 2017


It has been a while since I posted anything new so today is the day.  For most of November YKW and I were both sick with a nasty cold and cough that is going around and seemed to hang in for a long time.  Then came Christmas and that is a busy time of year spent baking and decorating.

Since my Christmas gifts have been given out I can now post some pictures.  When I was in Southern Ontario last September I bought a pattern at Mary Maxim's for a wine bottle holder.  It was also suggested that it could be used as a slipper holder and Christine decided that she would carry her knitting needles and wool in it.  I am glad that it can be put to good use.

I also bought wine fabric while I was there.

I gave the one with the dogs to Amanda and put a pair of slippers in it for her.

Lynda also wanted some coffee cup holders so that when she goes out walking on a cold day her coffee stays warm and her hands don't burn from the hot coffee.

Colleen wanted some placemats for every day use and I have had these unfinished for about 4 years so I thought that they would be great for every day.

She also wanted a table runner for every day use and I had a panel with birds and bird houses so I added fabric with bees on it.

I wanted to make a narrow table runner for my hall table with a winter theme so I just chose a star block and put sashing between the blocks.  I can use it all winter instead of just at Christmas.

Star table runner

I have made a lot of quilts lately, so I decided that it was time to switch gears and make some placemats.  In September the program gals showed a really cute pattern to make a quilt that looks like you did a lot of work but it is just the way you cut what you have sewn together and come up with triangles around the edge.  I decided to adapt the pattern to placemats and to use up some of my 2 1/2 inch squares.  I had a lot of fun and went a little wild since I made 6 of them.  I made a small dent in my box of 2 1/2 inch squares.

I like the ones that were made from the same colour family rather than the third one down that is more of an assortment of colours.  I will make more I think using the one colour.

I don't know the name of this pattern but if you click on the above picture you will get a larger view and will see how it is done.  I used 48 - 2 1/2 squares in a 6 x 8 grid and made placemats that are 17 1/2 by 11 1/2.

I hope to post sooner than last time when I get some more pictures taken of what I have done over Christmas time.