Monday, March 11, 2013

Quilt Bee

Our local Quilt Bee was a great success.  It was on a smaller scale then last year but we still had a great turn out and lots of quilts were put together.  The committee had made quilt kits so it was easy to pick one up and then sit and sew it together.

I tried to show the group without faces.

Two of the finished quilts.

Work in progress.
Just a few of the quilts that were put together that day.
We are going to have some beautiful quilts to donate when everything is finished.


Sunday, March 10, 2013


I have been busy, busy lately and as the song goes I sometimes think "busy doin' nothing working the whole day through".  Some days just seem to slip by without me knowing where they went.  St. Patrick's day is coming soon and I wanted to finish my Irish Quilt Block of the Month and a new table runner.  

I can't really call it by that name because I didn't do all of the blocks that were posted by that website.  Some I didn't like and they also took too long to publish the next block.  I always thought that a BOM was one block every month but it wasn't that way with this BOM, so I added some of my own blocks to it.

There are 3 blocks that are my own additions.  Flying over the Emerald Isle is the middle block on the top row, and the first block in the third row is an Irish Chain block.  Then I also added the first block on the bottom row.

I wanted a simple table runner so I used a 12" Irish Chain block but when they were put together they formed a different pattern.  Isn't that always the way.  Better luck next time if I every try it again.

This wall hanging is taken from the Irish BOM.  A friend thought it might look neat as a whole quilt and I just had to try it.  I thought it made a great wall hanging for March.  I used 9 blocks and it came out at 36 x 36.