Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Last day in New York City

It is almost 9 am and both Lynda and Colleen are still asleep.  We had a late night last night so we were sleeping in today.  Yesterday we went on a Movie tour of Central Park.  It was really interesting even though I had not seen most of the movies that were talked about.  The young lady who did the tour was very knowledgeable and friendly.  She had been in an episode of Law & Order SVU. 

After the tour we walked down 5th Avenue for a few blocks, then took the subway to Madison Square Gardens so we could get our bearings and know where we were going to see the hockey game.  We went into the Gardens and asked one of the gate keepers where to go to eat and found the nice restaurant he suggested.  Harrington's restaurant has booths that look out onto the street and we were lucky enough to get one.  We had lots of time before the hockey game so we went back into the gardens.

Me with Mark Staal.

Mark is from my home town of Thunder Bay.  There are 4 Staal brothers all playing hockey in the NHL.  The hockey game was great even though Montreal lost to New York Rangers.

Today we leave for home at 4:30 so we will have one last trip into the city and then board our plane to go home.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 5 in New York City

This morning Colleen and Lynda wanted to go to Hobokan to see Carlo's bakery from the TV show so we boarded the PATH train and went to New Jersey.  After walking a few blocks we came upon a line up and it was easy to figure out that it was to get into the bakery.

We waited in line for about 15 minutes and then were handed a ticket to be waited on.  When we got inside they were serving #15 and we were number 40.  It was 45 minutes later and we were waited on.  Colleen bought a t-shirt for her husband, I bought a huge danish that we will eat for 2 mornings and Lynda bought a dozen cookies.

From here we took the bus to watch the St Patrick's Day Parade.  This is a holiday here in New York.  Everyone watches the parade and celebrates the day

Flags were everywhere

After we left the parade we went back to Times Square and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.  Delicious baby back ribs and a salad to die for.  Wandered around Times Square and then came home.  Another great day in New York City.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 4 in New York

We slept in this morning since the weather wasn't so good and it was darker outside.  It was raining when we started out for the day so we went to Madame Tussaud's wax museum.  There were 4 floors of figures.  We started out in "opening night" and then went onto sports and Presidents.  There were statues of world leaders and popes and even one of 3 firefighters raising the flag at the 9-11 site.

We had lunch at a massive McDonald's restaurant next to the museum.  There were 3 floors of tables to eat at.

After lunch we took the bus back to Rockefeller Plaza to take a tour of NBC studios.  All tours were booked until Saturday so we went in the store and did some shopping of NBC memorabilia.  When we were all shopped out we took the bus to Macy's.  We didn't buy anything, just browsed.  The lineups were too long to stand in.

Lynda wanted to go to MOMA so we got back on the bus and then walked to the museum.  Lynda wanted to see "Starry Night" by Van Gogh.  I took a picture by Pablo Picasso of  "Three Women at the Spring".



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3 in New York City

Today we took the subway again because the bus took so long to come.  We wanted to take the bus over the Queensboro bridge.  We got off the subway at Lexington so that we could go to Bloomingdales.  Colleen bought her daughter a lipstick.  Lynda and I just browsed and talked to a nice gentleman at Jimmy Choo's.  We saw a key chain for $230.  From here we walked across Lexinton toward 5th Ave and Central Park.  We passed Barney's store and I said that it was in my book so we went in.  There was a large sign saying that Katie Holmes was in the store today.

Because Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang were in the store they were serving champagne and Petite fours. A real treat.

 From here we walked down 5th Avenue and went into Tiffany’s, Louis Vuiton, Prada and Saks. We had lunch at Trump towers and shopped at the Trump store.

St Patrick’s Cathedral was just down the street so we made a visit. Some of the alters are very well decorated with flowers and many people had lit candles. The alter of Our Lady of Guadalupe was just filled with flowers.

From here it was on to Rockefeller plaza and the top of the rock. That is the 70th floor of the Rockefeller building. You ascend in 43 seconds up to the 67th floor and take the escalator up 2 or 3 floors. The roof top is enclosed in very thick glass with holes in it so that you can take pictures of the skyscrapers.

I had to visit the City Quilter so we took the bus to 25th street and walked a few blocks over and found it. Both Colleen and Lynda also chose fabric from New york for me to make them a cushion. Then it was onto Times Square and more picture taking of the lights. Dinner was at the Red Lobster .

Back to the hotel at 8pm tired but had another great day.

I having trouble with the internet so no pictures right now.  I was able to take pictures of Katie Holmes before they told me not to.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 2 in New York City

What a great day today was.  We started off taking the subway down to Battery Park.  On the way we were serenaded on the subwayby a young man who was trying make people smile.  From here we boarded the ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty.  Lady Liberty did not disappoint.  She was magnificant. 

From there we got back on the ferry and went to Ellis Island where immigrants were processed coming into the United States.  The first person processed was a girl from Ireland called Annie Moore.  When we were in Ireland last year we saw a statue of her there so I had to find the statue here.  It was up on the second floor of the museum and there she was.

It was a very powerful experience and the tears just started to flow.  I couldn't control them, I don't know what happened except that it really affected me to see how people years ago had to leave their homeland and some never returned to see family again.

From here we went to the World Trade Centre site.  There is a lot of construction going on here and it is hard to see the sight. 

We arrived back at the hotel tired but happy.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our first day in New York

We had a great trip to New York.  We got to Toronto late but had lots of time to get our luggage and clear customs before we had to get our second flight.  We arrived to nice warm weather and took a cab to our hotel room.  We have a suite which is really nice since there are 3 of us.

To-day we turned our clocks to daylight saving time so instead of moving our clock forward I turned it back so we got up a little late.  After breakfast we took the subway into downtown and then Lynda walked us all over the city of New York. 

We had a nice luch at a small restaurant called "The Village Den".  Great food and great service.  Then we went to the Chelsea Market and then to the 911 Museum.

We had an appointment for 2pm and you have to be there on time.  It is a very small museum but a very powerful one with pictures and artifacts from the 9-11 site.

After the museum we walked from the Meat Packing district to Broadway and then to Union Square and Filene's Basement.  We didn't buy anything to-day but may go back later in the week and buy some of the things we saw.  Union Square was full of street vendors selling paintings and photos of New York City.  From there we walked along Broadway and took pictures of the Flat Iron Building and the Empire State Building.

Looking for a place to eat we found a great steak house but one look and the menu and we opted for "Naturally Healthy"  The menu at the steak house had Steak for 2 for $84.00. 

By this time we were ready to head for home so we took the subway and headed back to the hotel.