Friday, July 4, 2014

Cora's Quilt

My sister Lynda has a new granddaughter so of course she needs a new quilt.  We had a bit of a problem trying to decide on a pattern because Lynda doesn't live near me and we were looking at patterns on the Internet.  Some people also have a hard time seeing a pattern in different colours than what is on the cover of the pattern.  We finally came up with Pinwheel Baby Quilt that I found on Moda Bakeshop.  You can find the pattern here.

We chose the fabric, some soft baby prints, when we were in Ottawa in May at Quilty Pleasures Quilt Shop.  That is the shop that we took 3 buses to get to and had some ladies on the bus let us know when to get off so we wouldn't miss our stop.

You will also notice, if you check out the pattern, that I changed it a little.  I thought that prairie points would be sharp for a baby so instead of prairie points around the edge I put a pink flange.   I also put sashing between the blocks to make the quilt a little larger than what the pattern called for.

To tie it all together I cut binding pieces from the quilt colours and sewed them together for the binding.  I sewed the binding to the back (all Pink) and then turned it to the front and top stitched in white to finish the binding.  I like to do that for a baby quilt or a donation quilt since it may be washed a little more than some other quilts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day

Today is Canada Day.  July 1st 2014 is Canada's 147th birthday. 

We were up at the cabin for the past 4 days because it was Field Day for Amateur Radio and YKW spent the greater part of 2 days on his radio making contacts with other Ham Radio Operators.

I spent my time squaring up some half square triangles that I had put together a while back just for such an occasion.  Sometimes the sewing machine interferes with radio reception because we use a portable generator for our electricity so if I spend my time doing other quilty things then I am not wasting my time. 

I found this block in a book of 100 blocks and it makes a super cute small quilt.
I made one of these before but as you can see I changed the size of the squares so that they are easier to square up if they are finished slightly larger that the 2 1/2 inches that is the square unfinished.
The colours I chose with a very pale beige background.
This is the other pattern I am working on.  I don't know where I found this one or I would link to it.  It is so easy and it is just half square triangles. I found where you can find this little quilt pattern.  It is here.
I had some leftover off white animal footprint fabric and Maria had lots of the blue so mine won't be scrappy but very appropriate for a teddy bear or one of the small stuffed dogs that I have.