Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Magic Stack-n-Whack

One of the groups I go to decided before Christmas that it would be fun to try a Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilt.  I have never done one and had to go and buy fabric for the quilt.  There were about 5-6 of us that thought we would try this technique.  Today 3 of the gals and myself bought our completed squares to share with the group.

These are Sharon's squares.  
She chose fabric with
birds and fruit.  I love the way the
squares seem to spin.

Deb's square.  
She thought her fabric was too
busy, but it looks just great.

These are Leila's squares.  
She chose fabric with flowers
and also different background fabrics.

This is my square and you can see what happens when
you buy fabric that isn't busy enough and there
was too much background in the main
fabric.  I think that my 8 squares will
become 2 donation quilts. 
I have to go and buy some black fabric now
to use for sashing and borders.
I will post the quilts when they are finished.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Quilts for Twins

This years marks 50 years since I graduated from Nursing School and I hope to go to my reunion in June.  Our renunions are usually held every 5 years and I have been lucky enough to go to the last few.  This will be a big celebration because the Alumni also gets involved when it is the 50th reunion.  There will be an Alumni dinner on the Friday night and then a dinner with just our classmates on Saturday night and a final Brunch on Sunday morning before we say good-bye for another 5 years.

I usually stay with one of my classemates and this year will be no different.  I am going to visit with Joanne and her husband Tom for a few days at their home and then we will book into the hotel in downtown Toronto to be with the rest of our classmates.

Joanne and Tom have twin grandsons so I thought I would make them something as a thank you.  I bought the fabric a few years ago when I was in Southern Ontario.

I bought the cute Riley Blake fabric with the cars
and some of the fabric from the 4 patches
and thought I would make them placemats
but thought that they might like a quilt instead.
The fabric with the children is also Riley Blake fabric
that I picked up here in town for something
else but decided that it would be
better in this cute quilt.

I made two of these quilts identical but the backing will tell them apart.  One is blue and the other light green. I took the idea for this quilt from Quilts by Jen.  She made hers with leftover layer cake squares but I was using fat quarters so I made my squares 9 inches to get more squares from what I had.