Saturday, June 6, 2015

Iron Caddy Workshop

Today I taught a workshop on making a Caddy to carry your iron in and also use it as an ironing surface.  It needs special fabric for the ironing surface and we used an ironing board fabric that looks like it is Teflon coated.  There were 7 ladies in the class and everyone completed their project except that a few of the ladies forgot their buttons or didn't like what they had so these have to be added at home.

Everyone had such pretty fabrics.

This pattern is from Sister's Common Thread called Caddy Pad.
I found this pattern when my sister Lynda and I were doing shop hopping in Southern Ontario and as soon as a few people saw my Caddy Pad they wanted to make one too.

The hardest part about making this pad is drawing the lines on the ironing board fabric so that it folds up the way it does.
They are so handy to have to take to a workshop or retreat when you can have your own iron right beside you and not have to wait in line to use an iron.

Some of the finished projects.  As you can see some of the ladies didn't have the buttons sewn on so we pinned the caddy's closed so they would know where the buttons were to be sewn.


Friday, June 5, 2015

Lime Twist Tote

I finished a new bag today.  It is called the Lime Twist Tote by Brenda Miller.  She is a quilter that lives in Southern Ontario and designs bags and quilts.  Her bags finish very professionally with all seams hidden and most of them have a gusset in the top to finish the bag off.

The front of the bag. 
 I bought the fabric just because I liked it.

The back of the bag.
The instructions are very detailed in all her patterns but they come with good instructions and lots of pictures to help you make the bag.
I have a couple of Brenda's patterns and am just waiting for fabric so that I can make a few more bags.  That is why they call me the bag lady.