Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guild Night

Monday was demo night at out local Quilter's Guild.  Linda, the Program Chair, asked me to do a demo.  I had never done one before but thought I would give it a try.  She wanted it to be fairly simple and short, so I chose to do a Quilted Book Cover. 

Wendy remembered to bring her camera.

My Demo.
Quilted Book Cover

Measure the book you want to cover, mine is 4.25” with a spine of 1.25”, and 7” tall.
Take 2 pieces of fabric and place wrong sides together with batting in between. Quilt these fabrics together.
Trim to 8” x 16” - 10 inches for the book (4.25x2= 8.5 + 1.25 = 9.75) plus 6 inches for the fold over part.
Put bias binding on the two short sides (the 8” sides). I start on the lining side of the piece so that the part you see is neat after it is sewn down on the right side.
You can use store bought bias binding or make your own to match your fabric.
Fold the sides in 3” and pin in place.
Take a piece of ribbon and pin it or baste it to the middle of the top of the cover.
Sew bias binding to the top and bottom of the cover.

Insert the book.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have a new sewing room

Over the past week my son has moved out of our spare room and since it now seemed sew empty I thought that maybe I could put it to better use.  After a short discussion with YKW I was able to move upstairs and now have a beautiful new sewing room.

There was room on the shelves for some of my bins with scraps and enough room for my sewing machine table and cutting table. 

I left some of the family pictures up but added a small clock radio to keep me company some days.

Lots of room for my cabinets that are full of fabric
and my thread on the wall.

This is the biggest reason for moving into this room.
The view from the room.
It will also be very bright in here during the day,
and I have added some spot-lights to help
out in the evening.