Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marmalade the Cat

When I was a child I had an orange cat and we called him Marmalade.  My daughter has had a few cats and the last one she has is orange.  She asked me what she should call it and I said: "Marmalade, of course".

When I was thinking of making her another quilt I came across this one in my Quiltmaker Magazine.  I just had to make it for her.  I made the borders a little larger than the pattern called for because I wanted the quilt to be larger than the original pattern.  It ended up being 46 x 58.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Half Square Triangles Block of the Month

I have finally started on In Color Order BOM.  All the blocks are done in half square triangles which is a different way for doing some of the blocks.  When you see the pictures you will understand what I mean.

I am not going to do this one as a scrappy quilt.  I chose yardage from my stash and added a few more colours to add a bit of interest.  I am going to stick to the three colours and the background whenever possible and add in different fabric if needed.

So I am going to use the 2 blues
and the gold and
white as background and then
the orange and green if
another colour is needed.

Block # 1

I would normally make this block
using flying geese
and a square in a square
in the middle.
Half-square triangles changes the block.

Block #2

When I look at this block I see
flying geese, but
it is made entirely of half-square triangles.

This is going to be a fun BOM to do.  I hope I have enough different fabric to make it right.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three BOM's and Just Takes 2 on hold

I finished 3 more Blocks of the Month. 

February BOM
This is from Country Junk'tion
I did it in pink rather than the green
that is in the example.

Block 4 - The Camellia

Block 14

I am putting Sentimental Stitches - Just Takes 2 on hold for now.  When I started these BOM's I was looking for some fun Block of the Month's to do and this one is turning out to be not fun.  They are presenting 2-6 blocks every 2 weeks and some of them are very complicated with many of them paper-pieced.  I enjoyed the last block that I did with paper piecing but I have decided not to do anymore for a while.  The basic information says that after 3 months there will be instructions for assembling the squares that have been completed up until then.  I think I will wait till then and see what they have in store and then I might complete more blocks.  Until then it is on hold.  I will have time to concentrate on the other ones I am doing.