Monday, January 10, 2011

My Orchid has bloomed

Last year for my birthday my daughter gave me an Orchid plant.  It is a Phalaenopsis.  The directions say it could bloom twice a year but mine only bloomed once and I am very happy with that.  When I got it there were blooms on it and they lasted a long time.  I am not good with house plants but I thought I would give it a try.  I let it do it's own thing and watered it when I thought it needed it.  A few months ago a new shoot came on it and then some little buds.  The little buds have started to open and I have 2 beautiful blooms.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thread Catcher Pin Cushion

I finished the Thread Catcher Pin Cushion last night.  These are so handy when you are taking a class or working on a project away from home.  It keeps all your scraps in one place and not all over the floor.  I changed the pattern that I used as I thought the Thread Catcher was too long so I loped off 2 inches and made it shorter but the same diameter.

For stiffness I used heavy strapping that is found around crates and boxes when you get things delivered but I found mine on the floor in Home Depot.  Their motto is they can help so thanks Home Depot.  I found the pattern at Merriment Designs .  There is also another pattern at Teddy Bear Patterns . 

The pin cushion is stuffed with dried peas.  You have heard of a bean bag well mine is a pea bag.  YKW came up with the idea when we were looking for sand or a weight for the pin cushion.  When you have a hobby farmer in the family who knows what they will come up with.