Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Making Christmas Gifts

I have been really busy making Christmas gifts but I can't post some of them because the people that they are made for, check my blog.  There are a few I can post and I will save the rest for after Christmas.

Christmas Tree Skirts

I made one of these for myself last Christmas and had lots of leftover fabric so I thought that maybe my children might like one as well.  I had started them and put them aside because there were other things to make and Christmas was a long way off.  I actually forgot about them.  I was going through my boxes of projects and came across them about a couple of months ago.  I decided that I should get going on them or I wouldn't get them finished for Christmas.

There are very few repeats of fabric in them.  The pattern is really interesting because there is no real angle to cut it is all done with measurements and a regular ruler.  You can find the PATTERN HERE.

I also made some mug rugs and coasters.

I have made these before and they are so easy yet so attractive.
Jody does a great tutorial on this mug rug. 
The Pattern is HERE.

When I was in Southern Ontario last year I found this great strip of fabric to make some beer coasters.  The back is also neat because it is beer mugs.  I didn't quilt these because I tried and didn't like the result so I just put backing and batting and then sewed them right sides together, flipped them and top stitched around the edge.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

From Scraps to Scrappy

Working on scrap quilts keeps me busy.  I love to find new patterns and then sort through the scrap bins to come up with a quilt.  Sometimes I have to cut the pattern down to a size that I like working with so I have to choose patterns that I can do that too.  I like them to fit onto one piece of fabric for the backing and the usually size turns out to be 38-40 x 48-52 inches.  The size that will fit onto a wheelchair or a small lap quilt.

This quilt used up some of my 2 1/2 inch squares as well as some of my 5 inch squares to make the 4 1/2 inch half square triangles.  Check out Moda Bakeshop for more scrap quilts.  I think I have said this before, but as soon as I see the pattern using a charm pack I think of scraps.  I may have to make this one again, really like how it turned out.

Dog Lovers Quilt

I had this dog fabric that I hated to cut up so by making it into large squares I was able to use it without losing some of the doggy faces.  I good quilt for Precious Bundles.  I hope a little boy gets this one.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Applique Workshop

I have been under the weather, as they say, so I have not been doing much blogging.  I did attend an applique workshop put on by Dori Hopko from Sioux Lookout here in my home town.  She rented a conference room at one of the local hotels and there were 16 of us learning a lot about applique.  She talked about different needles and what to use them for and also gave us a lesson on thread.  We learned about stabilizers and different types of backing for your applique.  Dori also spent time going over the different applique stitches that can be used on a project.

Here is some of the work done that day.

A large selection of different applique techniques.  A great workshop and a lot of information was giving out to the participants.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Table Runner

I wanted a fall table runner for my coffee table so I used an old faithful pattern called Avian Table Topper that I found on allpeoplequilt.com   That has to been one of my favourite sites to find patterns.

The first time I made this I used birds for the center of the squares, (which the pattern called for) but since I wanted it to be a fall runner I used fabric that I purchased in Tallahassee last January.  The squares are fall leaves in all different colours and the inner and outer borders are fall leaves and pumpkins.

Today it feels like fall here so it was a good day to finish this.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Placemats for my Brother

I will be going back to Tallahassee Florida in January for my brother's 80th birthday so I thought I would make him some placemats this year.  Last year I took him a quilt for his bed.  I found a pattern on Allpeoplequilt.com but I changed the placement of the flying geese units to make a Dutchman's puzzle.  

I wanted something masculine and it is hard to find fabric that doesn't have flowers somewhere in the design.  I had this in my stash and had bought it just because I liked it.  I'm sure glad because it came in handy for these.


Monday, August 31, 2015

My Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt and Other Finishes

In April I took a class in making the Pineapple Block that was put on by Johanna Masko.  Our local guild invited her to be our guest quilter during our annual Quilt Show.  She put on three classes over the weekend.  She was making a block to make a cushion but I thought I would practice making the block and made 12 blocks to make a small quilt.  

Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt

The fabric was purchased in England and is made up of The Union Jack and other symbols of the United Kingdom.  There are Bobbie's, taxi cabs, crowns, pay phone booths, double decker buses and assorted landmarks all throughout the fabric.  I added a few of the assorted blues and reds but the theme fabrics are truly English.

Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt

This pattern is from the 3 Dudes and broken down by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  You take 4 strips and sew them together, measure the width of the strip and cut the strip into squares.  Take one and place it horizontal on your cutting board and place a different or same square vertically on top, sew all around the outside and cut it diagonally from corner to corner twice.  
I made one square and got hooked and before I knew it I had made 12.  I used the hinge method to put the squares together.  It is a quilt as you go method and goes together really quick.  It was completely made with scraps.

Floating Four Patch Quilt

I got this pattern idea from The Gourmet Quilter.  She was using up some scraps so I did the same and made a scrappy floating four patch quilt. This quilt measures 38 x 52 just the right size for a lap quilt for one of the Homes for the Aged.

Two Block Kid's Quilt

Strange as it may seem, that is the name of this quilt.  I got the pattern from All People Quilt when I was looking for a pattern for a child's quilt.  It was so easy just to use large square of assorted children's fabric that I had on hand and just added the coloured sashing.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Baby Ensemble

One of my sisters is going to have a new grandchild, a little girl, and wanted me to make a quilt and a doll quilt for the mother and child.  She found a pattern called Doggy in the Window on Craftsy and we used the pattern but changed the block to a doll instead of a dog.  The fabric is Simply Gorjuss from Quilting Treasures.

Simply Gorjuss

I also made a doll quilt to go with this baby quilt.

I put a small block in this quilt to match the larger quilt.  The backing is the pink fabric.  You don't see it in the large quilt but I incorporated it into the small one to give it more colour.

I like to make a bag to go with all this and Carole had sent me a second piece of fabric so I used it for the bag with some leftover pink fabric.

A bag to carry all baby's toys in.

I mailed it all of today so she should get it in a week or so.  Snail mail is so slow here in our town.  She needs it before September 15th so I thought I would get it finished and mail it in lots of time.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More Teddy Bears and Quilts

I have a lot of fun making quilts for my Teddy Bears for our Christmas Cheer Fund.  

I found this rolly polly guy and just couldn't leave him behind.  I thought he was so cute.  This pattern is a disappearing hourglass with the pieces placed in 4 different ways.

This was a free pattern from Wal-mart given to me by one of the ladies at Neebing Needlers.  It is called Pretty in Pink but I had these fabrics with animal prints and matched the quilt to my little aqua penguin.  A good match I think.

My little Christmas Teddy Bear.  When I bought this one my sister insisted that we check to make sure that he had 2 ears.  It is too scary for a little one to get a teddy bear and remove the hat and find only one ear.  I have made this quilt before, and I love the bright colours.  Some of the fabric has animal prints on it.

This quilt is a Sudoku Quilt made with 3 1/2 inch squares so it makes a perfect size for a teddy bear quilt.  The backing has doggie fabric so my little grey and beige dog fit right in with this quilt.

Another Sudoku Quilt made with 2 1/2 squares so I added a border to make it a bit larger and also added dog fabric for the backing.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Here it is

I finished the binding on the Hinge Method quilt and I decided to name Double Flavoured Quilt because of the bright colours that remind me of sweet treats.  

 Double Flavoured Quilt

The side borders are larger than the top and bottom because I used 15 squares and not the usual 12 so it was a lot longer than it was wide.  It is 68 x 85 inches and very large for me to work on.  I think it will be a long time before I make another one.  I will help the guild make hinge quilts but I won't be making one myself.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Whoot, Whoot

I have had a very busy month this July.  I was away on a quilt retreat at Hawkeye Lake again this year but forgot to take pictures.  I made 6 quilt tops on retreat.  Two of them will be Teddy Bear quilts and the others are children's quilts for a group called "Precious Bundles".  The guild supplies them with children or baby quilts to give to the less fortunate.

I also went on a fishing trip up to Lake of the Woods.  We didn't get our limit of 12 fish but we caught 10 and had a great fish fry.

Today I finished the Hinge quilt.  Whoot, whoot.  I was really not looking forward to putting the borders on this quilt as it finishes at 68 x 80 inches.  I very large quilt for me to make.  I just have to add the binding and then I will take a final picture.  I bought myself a treat of a new sewing machine and that is what made the task so easy.  It paid for itself today.  It is a Janome 8900 and just a gem.  I think I am really going to enjoy this new machine and to put it through it's paces.  Looking forward to getting to know it.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Seven New Blocks

Our Guild is going to make some bed size quilts for an organization here for troubled youth.  I decided to make one using the hinge method since a large quilt is too big to quilt on my machine and using the hinge method you quilt the blocks first and then hinge them together to make a quilt.  I am still working on it and hope to have it finished by September.  

It looks a little weird because I still have to add borders and it is long and skinny, but it will look fine when the borders are on.  They are all quilted and ready to be added, I just have to get around to doing it.  The problem is that the quilt is still very large to maneuver around so I have to psyche myself up for it.

The guild has taken my idea and asked the members to make blocks that we can hinge together at a Quilt Bee in the fall, so I decided to make a few.  Once I get started I can't seem to stop.  I ended up making seven.   They were to be 12 1/2 inch squares but leave an edge all around them so that they can be squared up when it is time to quilt them.

Two inch squares

Three and a half inch squares.

Five nine patch blocks.  I tried to get a little creative with different colours and arrangements.


Monday, June 29, 2015

My Second Anita's Grecian Wrench

Someone asked me once how is it that I get so many quilts made.  I think my secret is that when I decide that I am going to make a certain pattern, I make a kit up with all the fabric cut to size.  It if is 2 1/2 inch squares or 5 inch squares for example, then I pick the fabric and cut it all and anything else that goes with the pattern. I put it aside until I am ready to start a new project and then I just have to pick a kit and everything is ready to go. 

When I made up my kit to make the first Anita's Grecian Wrench I put a lot of green squares in the kit and then decided that I didn't like some of them together so I pulled them out and added different colours to make it scrappy.  So now I had all these green squares and had to decide what to do with them so I just added more assorted squares and made a second quilt.  I like the way there is a secondary pattern when it is all put together.

Anita's Grecian Wrench

I also completed another quilt.  This one is such a simple block called a nine patch.  I then sashed the nine patches and then added white sashing to all the squares.

Sashed Nine Patch

This was suppose to be a larger quilt but since I like smaller lap sized I just made less squares and came up with a 38 x 50 inch quilt.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Finishes

Our Guild does a lot of charity work and one of the news charities that we give to is called Precious Bundles.  This is a group who give quilts to those who need them for newborns or small children.  I used up some of my fabric that was leftover from my Charlie Brown Christmas quilt and made a small quilt for Precious Bundles.  I bought the blue and yellow fabric in Montreal on our last trip.

Charlie Brown Number 2

When we were in Tallahassee I bought great children's fabric at Hobby Lobby, so I made another small child's quilt.

Baby Buckaroos

My sister-in-law Judy gave me the following fabric a number of years ago and I couldn't figure out to do with it until I came across this pattern and it fits quite well.

The fabric features all quilting motifs.  I had to turn some sideways but it makes the quilt usable at any angle.


This quilt was in a book that I got for Christmas that uses pre-cuts so I used scraps.  A small lap quilt for one of the homes for the aged.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Iron Caddy Workshop

Today I taught a workshop on making a Caddy to carry your iron in and also use it as an ironing surface.  It needs special fabric for the ironing surface and we used an ironing board fabric that looks like it is Teflon coated.  There were 7 ladies in the class and everyone completed their project except that a few of the ladies forgot their buttons or didn't like what they had so these have to be added at home.

Everyone had such pretty fabrics.

This pattern is from Sister's Common Thread called Caddy Pad.
I found this pattern when my sister Lynda and I were doing shop hopping in Southern Ontario and as soon as a few people saw my Caddy Pad they wanted to make one too.

The hardest part about making this pad is drawing the lines on the ironing board fabric so that it folds up the way it does.
They are so handy to have to take to a workshop or retreat when you can have your own iron right beside you and not have to wait in line to use an iron.

Some of the finished projects.  As you can see some of the ladies didn't have the buttons sewn on so we pinned the caddy's closed so they would know where the buttons were to be sewn.