Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Last Therapy Group before Christmas

Maria had to work today so there were only three of us sewing but she was able to come for lunch, so that was great.  We had a little Christmas party and also got some quilting done.  

I gave my small pouches with small hot pads to use in the kitchen.

Small Pouches

Small Pot Holders
And received some wonderful gifts in return.  There were homemade cookies, homemade horseradish for YKW, homemade Italian candy and a lovely picture framed of quilters.
We have show and tell at our therapy group and this picture 
says it all.

It is hanging on the wall of my sewing room, so
I can be reminded each day of
out special friendship.

Pierina was working on her Christmas cushion cover.

Here it is all finished beside her Christmas Tree

Joyce was making large hot pads to go on the 
Christmas table.

I finished my squares for 
Joined at the Hip BOM.
I am ready to put the sashing and borders on my quilt
and will get it quilted in the New Year.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Wreath

I spend a fair bit of time looking around the Internet to find patterns and different things to make.  I don't know how I came across this website but when I saw the project I couldn't resist making it.

It is made with fabric flowers.
I used a fabric bow and wound my
Styrofoam wreath with fabric
instead of Burlap.
The pattern can be found here.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Quilting

I am way behind on my BOM's. I have done some of the November blocks but mostly I have been working on Christmas things. I have a lot of pictures to post after Christmas but today I can include some that don't have to wait.

I made my older sister a casserole carrier out of these beautiful fabrics and I forgot to take a picture so I thought I would post the fabric anyway. I gave her the carrier when I was down their last week-end so I can post it now.

I also made a table runner for my daughter's mother-in-law.  The gift is from my daughter not me, I just made it.

This was a kit that we bought in Beaver Bay Minnesota.
The quilt shop there always has a lot of kits
that are so interesting.  There are different
colours to choose from and many
patterns.  It is always a pleasure shopping there.

Emma is coming for Christmas this year to spend the time with her father so I made her a new Christmas
stocking.  I was disappointed in the panel I bought as I thought that there was a front and a back to the stocking but instead there were 4 stockings all facing the same way, no right and wrong side.

I used fabric with cardinals on it for the backing and also if you look closely
you can see I put her name on the top.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Great Therapy Session on Tuesday

There were just 3 of us this week and a lot was accomplished by all of us.

Pierina's new grand-daughter is going to have a lovely Christmas stocking that she can fill with all kinds of goodies.

She is appliqueing the Santa on and putting
a patch on the toe.
Santa nicely appliqued.
Maria has been working on her letters for Ryan's Max and Whiskers
She is ready to applique now and then add
the piano key border.
I am working on my Christmas Cushions and have
the flying geese sewn on to one of the
center squares.
I was able to finish both of them
over the week-end.
This pattern is from Moda Bakeshop.  I am really
happy the way they turned out.
They are cushion covers that I put over my
living-room cushions and when Christmas
is over I will take them off and revert
back to my regular cushions.
They can  be put away for another year.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My First Quilt

When I was in Southern Ontario this past weekend visiting my sisters and two of my grandchildren, my sister Lynda brought out a quilt that I had made many years ago and had forgotten about.  This quilt was made in 1973, and I know that because I signed the front of it.  Wow, that is 39 years ago.  When you look at this quilt you can tell that I knew a little about quilting.

Some of the blocks are just squares and there are some that I have put together with odd shapes of fabric to make a square.  There is even one that is a "Courthouse Steps" block.  The quilt is totally polyester.  There is no cotton on the front of this quilt although I think I put a blanket in the center or a piece of flannel.  I did not use batting.  It is all tied.  The backing is flannel.

My Very First Quilt.
This is where I signed the front of the quilt.
One of my crazy patch blocks.
My Courthouse Steps block.
I got such a kick out of Lynda showing me this quilt that I just had to post it.  Something from my past.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quilt Therapy Time Again

Where are the days going.  It has been two weeks since we were together for Therapy and I can't believe how time has flown by. 

We all had a lot of busy days between sessions and didn't get much quilting done so it was good to sit and concentrate and finally see something accomplished.

Joyce is still working on her 8 placemats.  She was able to finish one and then her next step is to quilt the tops and then sandwich and flip them.

Aren't they beautiful colours?
Pierina was able to get a lot done on her bibs and even started a new one.
For twin girls.
Maria is working on her Max & Whiskers quilt.  She hopes to have it done for Christmas.
She is getting a lot of letters ready for
the middle of the quilt.
I was able to put the binding on my last 2 placemats for Christmas dinner.  I am having 10 for dinner this year and that is a lot for me.
You can see the sun streaming in the windows.
I am also going to make the pillow from
for Christmas.  Here I am trying to
arrange the squares in a pleasing way. 
This is hard to do when there are 15 squares
and 4 colours. I hope to get 2 finished.
I am planning on making them to slip over the
cushions that I have so that I can just change
up the covers for the seasons.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Twister Placemat

Last Christmas the local Guild members exchanged some 5 inch squares and we were suppose to make a placemat for Meals on Wheels to give to their clients.  I couldn't figure out what to make until last week.  I added a few squares and made a Twister Placemat.

Twister or Tessellating pinwheels.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Orange Strippers

This month our Quilt Guild is asking us to make an orange strip measuring 14 1/2 by 68". I had enough in my stash to make the whole strip this time and I am all ready to hand it over in a few weeks time.

Orange Strip

Next month we will be making a yellow strip, following the colours of the rainbow.  I don't think I will have enough yellow, so I may just make a shorter one.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yesterday was Tuesday

I haven't blog for a week now because I am still making Christmas gifts and I'm not sure who reads my blog so I have to wait till after Christmas to post some of those pictures.

We had another great therapy session and everyone is really into making new things.

Pierina has finished her small casserole carrier.

Small Casserole Carrier

Now she is working on baby bibs.  A lot of her friends have new grandchildren.

Cute fabric for bibs for little girls.

Maria is working on a Max and Whiskers Quilt

Four letters completed.
All the letters in this pattern are lower case so
she make her own capital R.
Good work Maria.

Joyce has been working on making
more placemats with the beautiful fabric she
bought in Southern Ontario.

She is making great progress with all 8 of them.

Ooops... I did fix it!!!

I also finished my In Color Order
November Block.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quilt Therapy Tuesday

Tuesday is now Therapy day and we had a lot to share.  There 4 of us have been doing a lot of quilting lately and we haven't been able to get together and we like to have a show and tell session before we start for the day.

Joyce finished her placemats - 8 of them.
Beautiful wine fabric.
These placemats have no binding,
they are quilted on the batting
then the backing is sewn on
and flipped over to the right side.
This gorgeous fabric was purchased on her
trip to Southern Ontario.
She likes the above pattern so much that
she is now making 8 more placemats.
Getting ready for Christmas.
Pierina finished her mystery quilt bag.
It is big enough to carry all her supplies
for out Tuesday quilting group get together.
This is going to be small Casserole
Carrier.  Pierina is using the same pattern
I used that I purchased in
Newfoundland last year.
Maria was working on her twister Christmas Wreath.
She has the top completed and now will be
doing the quilting.
We had a lot of fun putting the keyboard
border together for the Max & Whiskers
quilt that Maria is now making.
I am also making more placemats. out of this
cute cat fabric that Colleen picked out when
we were in Duluth a few weeks ago.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lots of finishes in October, getting ready for November

I have been waiting too long for the blocks to finish my Ireland Quilt so I decided to do my own thing for a few of the blocks.  I will wait a little while longer to see what the last blocks look like and if they don't get posted soon then I will do another one to finish that quilt.

I left my heart in Ireland

Flowers and greenery of Ireland

I like the flying geese block
so I am calling this block
"Flying over the Emerald Isle"

I was able to finish the last 3 of the Morning Glory Designs BOM and now there are 20 completed blocks.

Block 18

Block 19

Block 20

I also took a picture of the first 20 blocks in this BOM.

I also made a Casserole Carrier.  I thought I might make a few for Christmas gifts so I made one for myself to try the pattern out.  I changed the pattern by putting binding around the pieces instead of flipping them inside out and used webbing for the handles instead of fabric.

the outside

the inside

I also made 4 placemats for a friend that I do yoga with twice a week.
I used a pattern from Atkinson Designs book I have.

She wanted burgundy and black so I combined
the burgundy with beige and used black
for the backing and binding.