Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twister or Tessellating Pinwheels

I went to a quilt group today and learned how to make my twister pattern.

I started with this

and it became this.

Isn't that amazing.
Thanks Alva.

You use a template to cut out squares and then
re-sew them together to make
Tessellating Pinwheels or
Twister Block.

There are a few websites out there in blogland
where you can see other

This block is also called Square Dance

One of the gals in the group today brought in a sample of some quilting she had done.  We learned this technique at the Ricky Tims Quilting Seminar.  You quilt in a circle by placing a pin or tack on your machine and hold the fabric in the centre and quilt in the round.

Isn't that impressive quilting?
Linda does beautiful work.

That is something that I have to try next.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Answer to a Question

I received a comment on my blog yesterday from "A no-rely Blogger" about the Stonehenge Fabric that I bought when we went to the Ricky Tims Quilting Seminar.  I can't reply because you don't have an email address attached to your profile, so I hope you see this post.

I bought the Stonehenge fabric at Kelly's J's Sewing Center and at Crystal's Log Cabin Quilts.  Crystal doesn't have a website but if you Google the name her shop will come up on visiting Grand Marais Minnesota and there is a phone number for her shop. 

Kelly J's Sewing Center

Crystal's Log Cabin Quilt Shop Grand Marias, MN

I think I bought the charm squares at Kelly's J's but I am not sure (too many shops).  Crystal's Log Cabin Quilts had a Fat Quarter Pack of Stonehenge also.

If you are "A No-rely Blogger" please see the link below.