Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Busy Weekend, lots Accomplished

We were at the cabin on the weekend, so it meant some sewing and some work done.  We got 2 loads of wood so that had to be stacked and also the wood shed had to be tidied up.

YKW did a good job on the wood shed.
 Terry and I helped to stack
the 2 new loads of wood.

The guys went to sight in their guns for hunting season so I did a bit of sewing.  I managed to make 8 placemats and 2 table runners.  Just the tops, not quilted yet.

Trimming 4 patches

I made this one a little while ago and just
finished it up with the patch for
the silverware and napkin.
I plan on using this one for pot luck suppers.

I picked this kit up at a quilt shop
in Beaver Bay, MN.
I finally got 4 of them finished and ready
for fall.

A dressed up Dragonfly.
I didn't like how this one turned out
and Wendy thought that maybe a satin stitch
in a fun colour might help it.
I think it did. Now you can see
the green dragonfly.