Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Quilt Finishes

I have been making quilts for my nephew and his wife.  He wanted me to make a king size Hawaiian quilt but that was too great of an undertaking for me.  I thought I would make them each a lap quilt which they could use on cool days or nights.

Read All About It Quilt

I have made this quilt before.  It is from the book Strip-Smart Quilts by Kathy Brown.  There is one big problem with this quilt and that is that there is a lot of left over squares.  So what do you do with these left over squares?  I made another quilt.

My Version of Read All About It

I used all the left over squares and put the quilt together in almost the same pattern.  I had to take a few squares apart so that the squares in the quilt went together in a pattern.  I call these my twin quilts.

These quilts are not for alcoholics; they are for a couple who live in the Napa Valley in California so I thought the fabric was just the thing.  The light brown fabric is corks and the border and backing are tossed wine bottles and glasses.  I thought it was very fitting for wine country folks.  To top it off I picked these fabrics up when a local shop was going out of business so I go a real good deal on the fabric.  I bought the rest of the bolt of the tossed bottles, so I used it for the backing as well as the border.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The H Quilt and More Twister

I am having fun using up my scraps from my stash.  I have a lot for someone who has been quilting for only 5 and a half years.  I try to keep them sorted by colour but lately I have been sorting them by size also.  I have a small bucket with 2 1/2 inch squares and one with 2 inch squares.  If the piece of fabric won't make at least a 2 inch square then it goes in the pile for the dog beds, which are made by a group from our Guild.

The H Quilt.
This will be a donation quilt.

This quilt was suppose to be a puzzle quilt, but I thought that it would be too complicated adding the pieces for the puzzle.  I would have to lay out each piece individually and then add the extra colour, plus I didn't have enough of all of the colours to add the puzzle pieces.  It was easy to just add white to make an H.  Because the H's are turned there was very little matching to do, just the corners had to be matched.

Twister Illusions

I friend of mine created a monster when she taught me how to do the twister block.  This is a block that looks so complicated but is easy to do and it looks like you spent hours piecing small pieces together.
One of our local quilt shops was going out of business and I found the pattern one day while looking for bargains.  Most of the fabrics were in my stash but I had to purchase the blues and the black.  I have chosen a very special friend to get this quilt.

Twister Illusions
The pattern made a crib, twin or queen size quilt so I made this one a size between the crib and twin, by starting with the crib size and adding borders that were meant for the twin size.  I really like the corner detail.  Only 2 corners were suppose to have coloured squares but I added some to all four corners.  I really love this quilt.
YKW had just finished shovelling the latest snowfall off the deck so it was the perfect place to take the picture.  I prefer to take the pictures outside in the natural light if at all possible.