Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Quilt Finishes

I have been making quilts for my nephew and his wife.  He wanted me to make a king size Hawaiian quilt but that was too great of an undertaking for me.  I thought I would make them each a lap quilt which they could use on cool days or nights.

Read All About It Quilt

I have made this quilt before.  It is from the book Strip-Smart Quilts by Kathy Brown.  There is one big problem with this quilt and that is that there is a lot of left over squares.  So what do you do with these left over squares?  I made another quilt.

My Version of Read All About It

I used all the left over squares and put the quilt together in almost the same pattern.  I had to take a few squares apart so that the squares in the quilt went together in a pattern.  I call these my twin quilts.

These quilts are not for alcoholics; they are for a couple who live in the Napa Valley in California so I thought the fabric was just the thing.  The light brown fabric is corks and the border and backing are tossed wine bottles and glasses.  I thought it was very fitting for wine country folks.  To top it off I picked these fabrics up when a local shop was going out of business so I go a real good deal on the fabric.  I bought the rest of the bolt of the tossed bottles, so I used it for the backing as well as the border.

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