Sunday, September 21, 2014

Home from the Napa Valley

I arrived home a week ago and of course the most difficult thing for me is getting over the jet lag.  It took me a few days but it was worth it.  The trip was wonderful thanks to my sister Christine and her husband Gary.  

One of the first things I wanted to do when I got to the area was to go and view the earthquake damage.  We finally found a parking space downtown and only had 23 minutes to run around 6 blocks and take some pictures.  The area was cordoned off with high wire fencing but we managed to get some pictures of the damage.

This building really took a hit.

The poor person who left there vehicle here overnight, major damage done to the car and building.

Part of a roof laying on the ground.

It belongs on top of this building.  You can see the same type of roof here.

Christine and I took a tour up the north coast of California heading for Fort Bragg.  We stopped along the way at Healdsburg because there was a quilt shop there.  Her fabric was very different with large scale prints that I didn't really like but I managed to buy one small piece.

This tree was in the town square where we stopped to have some lunch.

Our next stop was the Coppola Winery where there is a lot of movie memorabilia and his many Oscars.

It is a beautiful place to tour, and there is also a swimming pool and restaurant for you to enjoy.

From there we drove on Highway 128 through the Redwood Forest and I got stung with Stinging Nettle but luckily I had some Hydrocortisone Ointment with me and it relieved the pain.

Huge massive Redwood trees lined the narrow road that twisted and turned through the forest taking us to our motel, the Little River Inn in Mendocino.  We toured around the little town and spent the night taking off the next day back to the Napa Valley.

These flowers grow wild everywhere and line the roadways.  They are called Naked Ladies because they have no leaves.  They are also called Belladonna Lily.

My last days there the weather was a little too hot for me.  I like it to be around 77 F but it was 90 F in the shade.  One thing about this part of the world is that the nights and mornings are cool and then it warms up during the day.  So it is good sleeping weather most nights.

A wonderful trip.