Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good Therapy Session Today.

We had a great quilt therapy session today.  Lots of laughs and a few frustrations and we seemed to get past those okay with a little help all around. 

It was a beautiful week here temperature wise so not much quilting was done on our own, so today we all worked hard to accomplish something.

Joyce got the table topper trimmed and the binding sewn on.  The topper is an octagon so the binding was a challenge but she got it completed and is ready to do the hand sewing.

I really like the striped fabric on the binding.

Maria was still working on her mystery quilt and she was able to sew the main pieces together.  Now she has to add the borders.

If you look closely you can see
lady bugs on this quilt.

I was working on my spring wall hanging and I was able to finish it.  Tomorrow I am going to go and purchase the backing.

Spring has Sprung.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shades of Autumn

I bought this kit when we were in New York City last year.  I started it last July and then sort of forgot about it.  Lynda asked me if I had made it yet and it jogged my memory.  Colleen and Lynda had paid for part of it as my birthday present since it was about a day away.

It is made of Fossil Fern from Benartex.  I'm disappointed that the picture is washed out.  It was a bright sunny day here.  The colours are very bright.   I may try to take another picture but it is too big for YKW to hold it up.  It is 81 x 81.

It is not quilted and never will be,
unless the person who inherits it decides to quilt it.

We have decided to use it as a summer quilt.
It is made like a duvet cover but I
sewed it completely shut.
 I put a few stitches
in the centre stems of the leaves
and the joined stems around the middle
to hold it together.

I also top stitched all around the edge
with the same colour of thread
to match the border pieces. 

 I used all the fabric that came with the kit so now I have to buy more because I want to make some pillow shams to match.  I think I will make a 12" centre square maple leaf and then add strips to make the sham.
One more thing to add to my never ending list.