Saturday, November 27, 2010

One More Purse

This is a purse I made this week-end.  It is made in strips and only the bottom third is quilted and stitched in the ditch.  The casing for the draw string was a bit of a challenge but I think in the end it turned out okay.  The colours are bright for summer.  I always give gifts in homemade quilted or not quilted bags.  Stores today charge for bags so I hope that my bags come in handy for shopping or just having fun when used.  Stores in Canada charge 5 cents for a bag but this August when I was in Ireland they were charging 20 cents for a bag.  Lynda and I opted for no bag if we forgot to bring a bag with us if the parcel was small enough to fit  into another bag we already had.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All my Christmas table runners

I have decided that since I have finished all the runners and mats that I would post them all together.  I tried to make different patterns but that didn't always work out.  I found it hard to find free placemat patterns to showcase fabric so I ended up with just 2 patterns for the placemats but I did find different patterns for the runners.  All the patterns were free off the Internet.  It takes a lot of searching but it is possible to find them out there.  I don't sell any of my quilted items, I just give them away to family or friends.  Quilting keeps me busy and sane.  (I hope)

Each set has 4 placemats to match the table runner.  The placemats are approximately 12 x 18 inches and the table runners range from 32 to 60 inches in length.  I think I would make the shorter one longer next time.  It is the one with the Christmas ornaments on it.  I like that pattern and wish that I had realized that it wasn't very long before I finished it as I could have made it longer but now it is too late.