Friday, April 20, 2012

Quilt Therapy Time Again

It was a good quilt therapy day yesterday.  Pierina is back from her holiday and she was making placemats, that we all designed, for her son.  She chose different shades of black and we all had some input as to how she was going to put these together.

This is our creation.  More pictures will come
next week when she has a few completed.

Over Easter not much quilting was done.
Joyce is still working on her casserole cover.
She has the bird fused onto the top
and was getting ready to applique it.

I was making a 9 patch block for a small
casserole cover. 
I bought this fabric when we were in Newfoundland
last July.  Real Autumn colours.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two more Blocks for BOM and another purse.

I have a friend going to Europe in September and I told her that I would make her a small purse that she can wear under her blouse or sweater to keep her valuables safe.

I am really happy the way this one
turned out.  Every little imperfection
shows up on light fabric, so I
think I took extra care with this one.
I also made her a small wallet to
match.  These are so fast and easy to make
I think I will have to make a few more.

My third block from McCall's Irish Quilt.
The pattern called for a fairy square in the
middle but I didn't have one so
I am using these little butterfly's that
could be fairies because they have wings.

Morning Glory Designs Block #8.

Monday, April 16, 2012

New little Wallet

Guild night is tonight and I wanted a new name tag and folder of some kind to hold my drivers license and a few dollars (to purchase used books) so that I didn't have to carry my large purse.

My first attempt wasn't really successful.  How many times does that happen to you?  So it was try again time.  I wanted to make something that I was proud of and eager to show off.

This a Lazy Girl Design and so easy to make.  I think it took me an hour.  I am really thrilled with the end results.

This was my first attempt. 
I loved the fabric
but my name was crooked.

On the inside you can see that the velcro is crooked,
and I put velcro on one of the pockets
but I didn't put it low enough and
you can see it peeking out.

This little wallet, credit card holder will be used
when I travel, instead of using a
larger wallet.

This my second attempt. 
This time I drew a chalk
line where I wanted my name to go,
and it is straighter than the first attempt.

I didn't use velcro on this one,
instead I used gold snaps.
I put a tie on it so it
will go around my neck.
I picked this beautiful fabric up
in Newfoundland when we were
there last summer.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Block of the Month Started

I finally am satisfied with my selection of green and white fabrics to start my McCall's Irish Quilt.  It is hard to find just the right colours of green so that I have some lights and some darks.  I was able to finish 2 blocks, block #1 and block #6.  My block #6 is a little different than the one on the website but I usually change things to suit me.

Block #1
This block is made in 4 sections
and I have learned to measure each
section before I continue on with the
rest of the block.

Block #6
There are suppose to be 4 shamrocks
in the centre but I thought
that they would be too small to
applique so I added one instead.

We took a trip to Duluth, MN a few days ago and I picked up a few things.  Of course, I bought fabric. What is a trip without stopping at a few quilt shops along the way?  YKW forgot his book this trip but I wasn't too long in any shop to make him regret stopping.

For a couple of new purses for travelling.

For Pillow shams for the Maple Leaf Quilt.
I couldn't buy Fossil Fern so I
opted for similar colours.

I bought 2 of these to make wall hangings
for YKW and our son.

I found this for the borders.
Isn't it neat with all the animal prints
on it?

I also picked up a few handy helpers.  I was looking to buy a Gypsy gripper for my rulers but a friend told me that I could purchase something else that would do the same thing for less then half the price.  I googled the Safety Gripper that is used in a shower and found one on the Menard's website

My Safety Gripper

At one of the groups I go to one of the ladies mentioned that the best ruler she ever purchased was the Shape Cut by June Taylor.  I am a gadget person so I picked up one of those also.

It looks interesting and I think
I can put it to good use.