Monday, April 16, 2012

New little Wallet

Guild night is tonight and I wanted a new name tag and folder of some kind to hold my drivers license and a few dollars (to purchase used books) so that I didn't have to carry my large purse.

My first attempt wasn't really successful.  How many times does that happen to you?  So it was try again time.  I wanted to make something that I was proud of and eager to show off.

This a Lazy Girl Design and so easy to make.  I think it took me an hour.  I am really thrilled with the end results.

This was my first attempt. 
I loved the fabric
but my name was crooked.

On the inside you can see that the velcro is crooked,
and I put velcro on one of the pockets
but I didn't put it low enough and
you can see it peeking out.

This little wallet, credit card holder will be used
when I travel, instead of using a
larger wallet.

This my second attempt. 
This time I drew a chalk
line where I wanted my name to go,
and it is straighter than the first attempt.

I didn't use velcro on this one,
instead I used gold snaps.
I put a tie on it so it
will go around my neck.
I picked this beautiful fabric up
in Newfoundland when we were
there last summer.

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