Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Block of the Month Started

I finally am satisfied with my selection of green and white fabrics to start my McCall's Irish Quilt.  It is hard to find just the right colours of green so that I have some lights and some darks.  I was able to finish 2 blocks, block #1 and block #6.  My block #6 is a little different than the one on the website but I usually change things to suit me.

Block #1
This block is made in 4 sections
and I have learned to measure each
section before I continue on with the
rest of the block.

Block #6
There are suppose to be 4 shamrocks
in the centre but I thought
that they would be too small to
applique so I added one instead.

We took a trip to Duluth, MN a few days ago and I picked up a few things.  Of course, I bought fabric. What is a trip without stopping at a few quilt shops along the way?  YKW forgot his book this trip but I wasn't too long in any shop to make him regret stopping.

For a couple of new purses for travelling.

For Pillow shams for the Maple Leaf Quilt.
I couldn't buy Fossil Fern so I
opted for similar colours.

I bought 2 of these to make wall hangings
for YKW and our son.

I found this for the borders.
Isn't it neat with all the animal prints
on it?

I also picked up a few handy helpers.  I was looking to buy a Gypsy gripper for my rulers but a friend told me that I could purchase something else that would do the same thing for less then half the price.  I googled the Safety Gripper that is used in a shower and found one on the Menard's website

My Safety Gripper

At one of the groups I go to one of the ladies mentioned that the best ruler she ever purchased was the Shape Cut by June Taylor.  I am a gadget person so I picked up one of those also.

It looks interesting and I think
I can put it to good use.

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