Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunglasses case

I like to have a case handy for my sunglasses when I am travelling so I came up with a small zipper pouch.  I got this pattern from Studio Kat Designs.  They are called Roly- Nesters.  I have made a few earlier but this one matches my day bag for New York City.

This is a better view attached to my bag.  I can have it on the outside of the bag or flip it into the bag if it gets in my way.

I used a split ring to attach it to the bag.


Friday, March 4, 2011

The Thursday Group

Yesterday Maria, Joyce and I got together to do some quilting.  Joyce finished her quilt with all the beautiful maple leaves on it and is now making a rag quilt for one of her granddaughters.   This girl is into a lot of sports including hockey and motocross.  Over the years Joyce has made pyjamas for her grandchildren and she is using the left over fabric with all the sports on it for her new quilt.

She is cutting 12 inch squares and needs 15 of the sports and 15 of denim.

Maria is doing paper piecing of a table runner.

She has a few pieces done.  The colours are very striking.  I think her daughter will really like it.

I brought some applique with me and these will end up as placemats for the Quilt Guild to either sell at the show or give to Meals on Wheels. 

We always have a great time at Joyce's in her sunroom and even manage to get some work done.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

One year Anniversary

This blog is just a fun thing to do and I don't know if there is anyone out there who checks on my blog regularly but that is all right because I just enjoy writing about my quilting life and travelling.  Yesterday is the one year anniversary of when I seriously started blogging.  I did some a few years ago but never kept it up and since I have been doing a lot of quilting I have found it fun to track what I am doing and see what some other quilters are doing also.  I have a hard time believing that I have had 2,791 hits on my blog in one year.

This what I am working on now.  It is a kit that I received from my daughter for Christmas called Snow Chateau by Michael Miller Fabrics.   The free pattern is here at the bottom of this page, but you really need all the fabrics that go with it to make it.

The border around it is stones and they are directional so it was tricky cutting them as I had to cut some strips the length of the fabric and some the width of the fabric.  Then you have to make sure that you sew them on the right way up and not what I did and had to rip out 2 seams before I clued in. 

The next step is to make quarter square triangles from 4 different fabrics and then applique snowflakes onto these squares.

I always do my tracing in the afternoon and then do the cutting while I am relaxing watching TV at night.  That way I don't waste time when I could be sewing. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jodi is having a give away

Jodi over at Pleasant Home is having a give away.  She just finished a new baby quilt for her soon to be granddaughter and she is giving away a Baby Go,  Oh, would I love one of those.  I have been thinking about one for awhile.  Maybe I will win it.


Water bottle holders

When Lynda and I are travelling we carry water with us daily so I made water bottle holders that I found on Pink Chalk Studio website.  We really like them as it keeps our hands free and I put Insul-Brite inside so the water stays cold.  They were really great when we were in Italy in 2008 as it was very hot over there.

This year when we are going to New York City it will be before spring arrives so we decided that we will carry our water in our day bags.  The strap from the bottle carrier will be cumbersome and I didn't want to cut them off and waste the strapping so I decided to go to the Dollar store and see what I could fine.

Colleen said she wanted black so Lynda can have the blue one and mine will be the funky purple.  I use a fat water bottle that is easy to wash out and I had to stretch the holder to get the bottle in but I think the whole process will work out easier than the ones I made. 
We can take the ones I made to Paris in the fall.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting ready for New York

I made myself a new bag to take to New York.  This will be my day bag that will hold my hat, umbrella and water bottle.  My coat is beige so I had to have a new bag as my other ones are blue and bright red flowers.  The brown one I took to Ireland had too much turquoise in it. 

It is pretty light in colour, I just hope we don't have too much rain and it ends up getting dirty.  I have been putting zippers in my bags and also this one has 2 large pockets.  I made the pocket extra large so that my water bottle will stand up in it and not fall over and spill.