Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making Baby Bibs

I started making Baby Bibs and it is not an easy thing to do.  I have made 2 and I think that this may be the end of my bib making.  I did some applique on them but I am not completely happy with the bias binding on them.

Care Bears are so cute !!
With appliqued stars.

I put the bias binding on the front on this one first and then turned
it over to the back and machine sewed it on the back.

Alphabet Letters and Hearts.

I sewed the bias tape onto the back of this one and
then turned it to the front and sewed it onto the front.
I figured that they would be washed many times
so they should be totally machine sewn
and not hand sewn.

I fussy cut the little bee on the blue heart,
the orange fabric was plain so I
thought the little bumble bee
would add a sweet touch.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six More Blocks Finished

I am trying to keep up with all my BOM's as well as do other projects and I am not doing too badly. I have 6 more finished and only one more to be completed for June. It is only the 10th so I think I am well ahead of the game. My alphabet blocks come out every week and I am waiting for the partner block before I start the letter so I have L now and it's partner will be out on Thursday.

In Color Order June Block

Lyn Brown Alphabet K Block
and Kelly Celtic Knot

Craftsy Greek Cross Block

Craftsy Octagon Block

Blogger BOM from Cranton Village Quilt Works

Country Junk'tion June Block
I just have Apple Avenue block for June to finish, and I should have that finished up tomorrow.