Sunday, April 3, 2016

Iron Caddy Workshop

Yesterday I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop with 5 of the gals from our guild.  We used a local high school and the best part of the room we use is that it is set up as a Home Economics classroom.  That is probably an old term that not too many people use today.  They always come up with some new fangled word to use.  All along the wall are electrical receptors so you are not cramped together.

Everyone had there own spot to quilt in and spread themselves out down the perimeter of the room.
We set the middle of the room up with 4 tables so that we could all work together and help each other out.  The biggest thing about this pattern is the marking of the sewing lines so that the caddy folds up correctly.

Some beautiful caddys were made.






Everyone got their's finished except for a few buttons.
As it often happens, you finish a project and then decide that you don't
like the buttons that you have chosen.
I'm sure new buttons will be purchased in a few days.