Friday, July 29, 2011

Day One in St John's

We arrived late on Wednesday to thick fog here in St. John's.  We knew it was raining but when the captain said: "We will attempt to land." I wasn't sure I heard right.  Apparently a lot of planes did not land that night.

Thursday we went the Geo Centre which is what they describe as "Earth's Geological Showcase"  We spent about 3 hours here just exploring and taking guided tours.  There is an exhibit on the Planets, Oil & Gas formation, the Titanic, and The Great Rock Wall.

The Great Rock Wall

You enter the building at ground level but
the exhibits are underground right beside
the excavated
Great Rock Wall.

After we left here we drove up the hill past the Information Centre for Signal Hill where a Military Tattoo was performing.

Military Tattoo

From here we continued on up to Signal Hill, where Marconi had received the first wireless Trans Atlantic Radio transmission.

Signal Hill

 From here you can see all of St. John's

St. John's NL from Signal Hill

YKW listening to what
Marconi heard.

More exploring ahead for today.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation Time

We are going to St John's Newfoundland tomorrow and when I was trying to decide what to take I couldn't decide what bag to carry on the plane so I made a new one.

I acquired this fabric for free. 
 It was an end of upholstery fabric
that was being thrown out. 
The other side is the same.
I put pockets in it so it is just
right for travel.

I hope to do some blogging while we are away and will post some pictures of that beautiful province.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

New York City Book Cover

I made 2 cushion from the New York City fabric, one for my daughter and one for my sister and still had fabric left over.  I like a book cover when I read a pocket book on the airplane so now I have a nice souvenir also of our visit to New York City last March.

With my book inside

The outside of the cover

The inside of the book cover.

I sewed the scraps together
and then put batting
in between the inside fabric
and then quilted it.

After it was quilted I measured the book
and decided how big I wanted
it to be.

I think it will fit most sizes of books.
The one that is in it now
is a thick book so I thought
it was a good size to use.


Not much quilting done lately

Not much quilting done this past week.  Too busy with my son and granddaughter.