Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tomorrow Is A New Month

Tomorrow is a new month with new blocks to be downloaded and sewn so I have been busy finishing up this months blocks.  Some of my blocks come out at different times of the month or week so it seems I always have new ones to make.

This is June's block from Apple Avenue.
4 cute lady bugs

These blocks come out on the 25th of the month
so I am not behind on this one.

June Block from Joined at the Hip.
I am doing mine in just 2 colours
and not scrappy.

The letter M and Mariner's Compass.
This is from Lyn Brown
her Quilter's Alphabet.

Spring Basket Block #12

Block 13 from Morning Glory Designs
Pink Daffodils.
My daffodils don't look like the ones on the website.
I just couldn't put green leaves where the
pink petals should be.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

At the Cabin

We were at the cabin this week-end.  It was Field Day for Amateur Radio this week-end and YKW spent the last 2 days on the air.  He was very successful making over 100 contacts with other Radio Amateurs.  

While he did that I sewed.  I use my old sewing machine as we operate on a generator.  No hydro there.

A little grainy since I was using an Ipod Touch.

Making a new Table Runner.

I was able to finish it, now I have to
quilt it and bind it.
This pattern is from
The Art of The Quilt and is called
Pat's Favorite Table Runner.
I received this pattern as a gift last summer and this is the second table runner that I have made from this pattern.  It is a real easy pattern to make and goes together very quickly.

I already made some placemats with the same fabric,
but with a bit of a twist.

I put gold in the corners to bring out
the colours of the pansies.
I got this pattern off the Internet at The Secret Workshop.
It is called Seeing Squares Place Mat.
There are lots of really nice free patterns on this site.

Now I am wondering if I should do the binding on the table runner in the gold to co-ordinate it with the
 place mats or to do it in blue like the pattern says I should.
I will have to decide soon as I will start quilting it tomorrow.