Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quilt Retreats are The Best

A few weeks ago I was invited to a quilt retreat at a quaint secluded spot about an hours drive from my home.  The wonderful thing about retreats is that you are given the time to just quilt and be with a  terrific group of like minded women.  Your meals are prepared and when they call you for meals you sit down to a delicious array of food.  I knew a few of the women there and the rest I got to know over the 4 days that we were away.  It was a great group with lots of chatter and friendships made.  I took a few pictures and wish that I had taken more.  

The room was set up with 3 to a group of three tables.  If you wanted to be closer to friends you could but most of us used our full table.  We blew a few fuses to start with and then settled for three irons on the go instead of everyone using their own iron.  We all shared and just took turns.

A beautiful appliqued wall hanging

It is hard to see the strips of colour in this tote but it was made with beautiful batiks.

The beginning of a beautiful quilt.

Some different squares that were being worked on.

A makeup case started.
Tiny squares that went into a lovely baby quilt or teddy bear quilt.

Magic nine patches.

Paper piecing to be made into a quilt.


I made three quilt tops over the 4 days and brought them home and quilted them.  They are all lap sized.

Click on any of the pictures so see them enlarged.

What a wonderful 4 days we had; we even had a snow storm while we were there but didn't really care because we were inside surrounded by friends and happily working away on our wonderful hobby.