Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Two New Comfort Quilts

When Lynda and I were in the Maritime Provences I had two things on my mission to accomplish list.  I wanted more fabric with food on it and I wanted to buy some fabric that was very indicative of the Maritimes.  I was able to fulfill both things.  I haven't done my Maritimes quilt yet but I did finish another quilt with preserves.

I had so much fun choosing the fabrics for this quilt.  I have bananas, mushrooms, onions, french fries, lettuce, corn on the cob and of course chocolate chipits.  Every jar is different.  This quilt is actually a pattern for a Bug Jar Quilt.

Star Flower Block Quilt

One day while I was flipping through the Internet I came across this pattern and really loved it.  It was one that I really had to make.  More half-square triangles just arranged in a beautiful pattern.
I found the pattern HERE.


Monday, August 15, 2016

The Bee Purse

A while ago my youngest sister asked me to make a small purse for the nurse that works in her doctor's office.  When the nurse admired the one that C was wearing she decided that it would make a great retirement gift for the nurse.  I told C that she had to buy the fabric because she was very specific about what she wanted.  I received the parcel on Wednesday and then proceeded to him and haw about making this bag.  I had made up the pattern for the original purse so I needed to refresh my memory and to look up some patterns on the internet to get help putting it together.  The first bag also had seams showing on the inside and I don't like that anymore.  I guess I have grown in my sewing.

I started the bag on Saturday and worked all day on to get it finished.

There is a back open pocket that I secured with Velcro and a small pocket inside for keys or something.  The strap is long enough to wear across the body for security.
I mailed it last Monday to California and she received today which is really something for sure with our mail service.  She loved the bag.

In the parcel with the Bee fabric was also a great deal of fabric that C decided that she didn't want anymore since she wasn't doing much quilting so she sent it on to me.  I pulled out some of the colours that went together and made her a hot mat.

Amish Folded Star Hot Mat.

The original pattern was round but I found another pattern that made the mat into a square.  It is Vicki's Fabric Creations.  You can find it HERE