Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Great Therapy Session on Tuesday

There were just 3 of us this week and a lot was accomplished by all of us.

Pierina's new grand-daughter is going to have a lovely Christmas stocking that she can fill with all kinds of goodies.

She is appliqueing the Santa on and putting
a patch on the toe.
Santa nicely appliqued.
Maria has been working on her letters for Ryan's Max and Whiskers
She is ready to applique now and then add
the piano key border.
I am working on my Christmas Cushions and have
the flying geese sewn on to one of the
center squares.
I was able to finish both of them
over the week-end.
This pattern is from Moda Bakeshop.  I am really
happy the way they turned out.
They are cushion covers that I put over my
living-room cushions and when Christmas
is over I will take them off and revert
back to my regular cushions.
They can  be put away for another year.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My First Quilt

When I was in Southern Ontario this past weekend visiting my sisters and two of my grandchildren, my sister Lynda brought out a quilt that I had made many years ago and had forgotten about.  This quilt was made in 1973, and I know that because I signed the front of it.  Wow, that is 39 years ago.  When you look at this quilt you can tell that I knew a little about quilting.

Some of the blocks are just squares and there are some that I have put together with odd shapes of fabric to make a square.  There is even one that is a "Courthouse Steps" block.  The quilt is totally polyester.  There is no cotton on the front of this quilt although I think I put a blanket in the center or a piece of flannel.  I did not use batting.  It is all tied.  The backing is flannel.

My Very First Quilt.
This is where I signed the front of the quilt.
One of my crazy patch blocks.
My Courthouse Steps block.
I got such a kick out of Lynda showing me this quilt that I just had to post it.  Something from my past.