Monday, November 26, 2012

My First Quilt

When I was in Southern Ontario this past weekend visiting my sisters and two of my grandchildren, my sister Lynda brought out a quilt that I had made many years ago and had forgotten about.  This quilt was made in 1973, and I know that because I signed the front of it.  Wow, that is 39 years ago.  When you look at this quilt you can tell that I knew a little about quilting.

Some of the blocks are just squares and there are some that I have put together with odd shapes of fabric to make a square.  There is even one that is a "Courthouse Steps" block.  The quilt is totally polyester.  There is no cotton on the front of this quilt although I think I put a blanket in the center or a piece of flannel.  I did not use batting.  It is all tied.  The backing is flannel.

My Very First Quilt.
This is where I signed the front of the quilt.
One of my crazy patch blocks.
My Courthouse Steps block.
I got such a kick out of Lynda showing me this quilt that I just had to post it.  Something from my past.

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Anonymous said...

This was originally Christine (our younger sister's quilt) and she handed it down to my son. When he got married he passed it back to me. I like the flannel side as a nice warm quilt when I am downstairs watching TV.