Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Water bottle holders

When Lynda and I are travelling we carry water with us daily so I made water bottle holders that I found on Pink Chalk Studio website.  We really like them as it keeps our hands free and I put Insul-Brite inside so the water stays cold.  They were really great when we were in Italy in 2008 as it was very hot over there.

This year when we are going to New York City it will be before spring arrives so we decided that we will carry our water in our day bags.  The strap from the bottle carrier will be cumbersome and I didn't want to cut them off and waste the strapping so I decided to go to the Dollar store and see what I could fine.

Colleen said she wanted black so Lynda can have the blue one and mine will be the funky purple.  I use a fat water bottle that is easy to wash out and I had to stretch the holder to get the bottle in but I think the whole process will work out easier than the ones I made. 
We can take the ones I made to Paris in the fall.


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