Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All my Christmas table runners

I have decided that since I have finished all the runners and mats that I would post them all together.  I tried to make different patterns but that didn't always work out.  I found it hard to find free placemat patterns to showcase fabric so I ended up with just 2 patterns for the placemats but I did find different patterns for the runners.  All the patterns were free off the Internet.  It takes a lot of searching but it is possible to find them out there.  I don't sell any of my quilted items, I just give them away to family or friends.  Quilting keeps me busy and sane.  (I hope)

Each set has 4 placemats to match the table runner.  The placemats are approximately 12 x 18 inches and the table runners range from 32 to 60 inches in length.  I think I would make the shorter one longer next time.  It is the one with the Christmas ornaments on it.  I like that pattern and wish that I had realized that it wasn't very long before I finished it as I could have made it longer but now it is too late.



Brenda Sutherland said...

Great placemats and runner sets Peggy! There are some lucky people on your Christmas list.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Look at all of that work...what lovely table toppers!

A Plain Path said...

Very nice! Was it hard to pick one to enter the weekly contest?

I've entered too and am browsing the blogs of the other entries. There are so many beautiful runners, including yours. I enjoyed seeing these others on your site and love that you made matching placemats!!

Enjoyed stopping by. Merry Christmas!