Wednesday, May 3, 2017

150 Canadian Woman Quilt

In March I started doing the 150 Canadian Woman Quilt.  These blocks are all based on Canadian women that made their mark in life in Canada.   I was 36 blocks behind and had only pictures of the blocks in order to make these 36 blocks.  Some of the blocks were easy because they were well known blocks but many of them were very obscure blocks that I had to figure out myself with no instructions.  I used some math and decided that 2.5 x 3 equals 6.5 since all these block are unfinished at 6.5 inches.  Also 4 x 2 equals 6.5 inches.  Most quilters should be able to figure out my math because I am also taking care of the seam allowances.

I am up to block 75 now and am half way there.  

I am pretty proud of these blocks since the one on the left had no instructions and I figured it out and it came out at 6.5 inches without squaring up.
The one on the right has 36 pieces to it and it came out at 6.5 inches.  I guess I have a perfect 1/4 inch seam.

Three more of my 75 blocks.  I am going to do all 150 of them and make a quilt for myself.  After all the work that I have put into these squares I think I need to keep this one.


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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Good job on the math and the blocks are just lovely!