Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our first day in New York

We had a great trip to New York.  We got to Toronto late but had lots of time to get our luggage and clear customs before we had to get our second flight.  We arrived to nice warm weather and took a cab to our hotel room.  We have a suite which is really nice since there are 3 of us.

To-day we turned our clocks to daylight saving time so instead of moving our clock forward I turned it back so we got up a little late.  After breakfast we took the subway into downtown and then Lynda walked us all over the city of New York. 

We had a nice luch at a small restaurant called "The Village Den".  Great food and great service.  Then we went to the Chelsea Market and then to the 911 Museum.

We had an appointment for 2pm and you have to be there on time.  It is a very small museum but a very powerful one with pictures and artifacts from the 9-11 site.

After the museum we walked from the Meat Packing district to Broadway and then to Union Square and Filene's Basement.  We didn't buy anything to-day but may go back later in the week and buy some of the things we saw.  Union Square was full of street vendors selling paintings and photos of New York City.  From there we walked along Broadway and took pictures of the Flat Iron Building and the Empire State Building.

Looking for a place to eat we found a great steak house but one look and the menu and we opted for "Naturally Healthy"  The menu at the steak house had Steak for 2 for $84.00. 

By this time we were ready to head for home so we took the subway and headed back to the hotel.


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cmcleonard said...

You guys saw a lot on your first day!