Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3 in New York City

Today we took the subway again because the bus took so long to come.  We wanted to take the bus over the Queensboro bridge.  We got off the subway at Lexington so that we could go to Bloomingdales.  Colleen bought her daughter a lipstick.  Lynda and I just browsed and talked to a nice gentleman at Jimmy Choo's.  We saw a key chain for $230.  From here we walked across Lexinton toward 5th Ave and Central Park.  We passed Barney's store and I said that it was in my book so we went in.  There was a large sign saying that Katie Holmes was in the store today.

Because Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang were in the store they were serving champagne and Petite fours. A real treat.

 From here we walked down 5th Avenue and went into Tiffany’s, Louis Vuiton, Prada and Saks. We had lunch at Trump towers and shopped at the Trump store.

St Patrick’s Cathedral was just down the street so we made a visit. Some of the alters are very well decorated with flowers and many people had lit candles. The alter of Our Lady of Guadalupe was just filled with flowers.

From here it was on to Rockefeller plaza and the top of the rock. That is the 70th floor of the Rockefeller building. You ascend in 43 seconds up to the 67th floor and take the escalator up 2 or 3 floors. The roof top is enclosed in very thick glass with holes in it so that you can take pictures of the skyscrapers.

I had to visit the City Quilter so we took the bus to 25th street and walked a few blocks over and found it. Both Colleen and Lynda also chose fabric from New york for me to make them a cushion. Then it was onto Times Square and more picture taking of the lights. Dinner was at the Red Lobster .

Back to the hotel at 8pm tired but had another great day.

I having trouble with the internet so no pictures right now.  I was able to take pictures of Katie Holmes before they told me not to.

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