Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 5 in New York City

This morning Colleen and Lynda wanted to go to Hobokan to see Carlo's bakery from the TV show so we boarded the PATH train and went to New Jersey.  After walking a few blocks we came upon a line up and it was easy to figure out that it was to get into the bakery.

We waited in line for about 15 minutes and then were handed a ticket to be waited on.  When we got inside they were serving #15 and we were number 40.  It was 45 minutes later and we were waited on.  Colleen bought a t-shirt for her husband, I bought a huge danish that we will eat for 2 mornings and Lynda bought a dozen cookies.

From here we took the bus to watch the St Patrick's Day Parade.  This is a holiday here in New York.  Everyone watches the parade and celebrates the day

Flags were everywhere

After we left the parade we went back to Times Square and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.  Delicious baby back ribs and a salad to die for.  Wandered around Times Square and then came home.  Another great day in New York City.



cmcleonard said...

Can't tell you how happy I am that you are all having such a great trip.

Please get me a pair of Jimmy Choo basic black heels size 7 and a sterling silver telephone dialer from Tiff's.

Once again, happy birthday, Peggy!

DianeP said...

How I miss the celebrations on St Pats in Montreal. Living in a remote area on the West Coast, it's pretty well a non-event!