Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a week it has been

What a week it has been!!!  My car and I collided with a bear on the way home from Joanne's birthday party and had a lot of damage done to the car but not to us.  My guardian angel was looking out for me for sure that day.  We got home okay but the mechanic at the body shop wouldn't let me drive it anymore.  So now I am driving a rental, same make as mine but way classier with leather seats and a sun-roof.

Then on the way to the cabin we got a stone chip in the windshield of the truck.  So now it will have to go into the shop to be repaired.

We had a horrific thunderstorm overnight and awoke to a flood in the bedroom.  I must of used about 20 towels to soak up the water that was pouring in from a leak in the roof.  We tore the wallboard off and part of the ceiling insulation in order to find out where the water was coming in.  That will be another big job that will need to be done to fix that up.  Next week we will be up there with the grandchildren but they want to have fun and not be doing major construction jobs.  We have a paint job lined up for them to do.  The new shed needs a paint job.  That should prove exciting.


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