Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bruce Canyon Vest

Yesterday was the class to make the Bruce Canyon Vest.  We started at 10 am and ended at 4pm tired and exhausted but with a feeling of accomplishment.  It was a long day but we had a great instructor who had made the vest herself so she was extremely helpful.  We could read the pattern or we could ask for assistance.  There were 10 ladies in the class so it was a very busy place.

Here is my friend Maria working on cutting out her fabric from the pattern.


This is the 2 fronts of my vest with the strips sewn together.  It is a quilt as you go vest which really goes
together quickly.


The back with the collar sewn on.  It still need the sides seams done and the binding applied.

Maria and I hope to get together this week and get it finished up for the Guild meeting on the 21st. 


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