Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The rest of the mug rugs and Lanyard

I am finished with mug rugs for now.  I have made 10 of them for the local Quilter's Guild.  Now it is onto other things.

Pretty Blue Birds

I know it isn't the season for Christmas but I couldn't resist this fabric. 
My trees have lights.

My sister Lynda, my daughter Colleen and I are going to New York in March and I am starting to get ready for the trip.  I want a secure warm place for my camera so I thought of a lanyard around my neck but the ones I have are skinny and I thought they would pull on my neck so I came up with this.

Here it is around my neck but without the camera as I had to use it to take the picture.  My camera is a point and shoot so I took the idea for the lanyard from tutorials for a cover for a camera strap. 

I think that will be more comfortable then a thin stingy lanyard from the dollar store.  And more colourful.


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ROZ said...

What a great idea, I wonder if I could do that with my camera? Lovely mug rugs