Monday, June 27, 2011

It Has Been Very Busy These Last Few Days

I finished my twister placemat and also made a small doll quilt. 

This little quilt is for a bunny and
will be given to
The Christmas Cheer Fund in December.

Here is bunny all snuggled into his quilt.

Last Friday we left to go to the cabin because the 2 small roofs needed to be re-shingled.  The main roof was done last June.  No. 1 son and YKW worked on them both and had them done in 2 days.  They were long days and and it was hot.

A lot of hard work being done.

I stayed inside and did some sewing.

This is the Kitty Komono Quilt that I bought
in Trego, Wisconsin on the
Ricky Tims Seminar bus trip.

I have to quilt it now and will
post a final picture then.


1 comment:

cmcleonard said...

Oh, Bunny looks so cute in his little pink quilt! Is the cabin cooler now with the new roof?