Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making Luggage Tags

The other day when we were at the cabin there were 4 small rabbits putting on a show for us.  They were feeding in the yard and then all of a sudden they would start to chase each other and then stop!, just the game we played as children called statue.  We got the biggest kick out of them.  I got a picture of one of them.

YKW has his Amateur Radio Licence so while he was on the radio I was sewing, making luggage tags of the grandchildren.

Work in Process

These ones are finished
but I still have to make a few more.

Tonight I was laying out the squares for my new Twister Quilt.  These are 10inch squares that I bought at the Cotton Yard in Osseo, WI.  After I sew them together I will use the Twister template and cut them out and then resew them.  The kit made a small quilt 62 x62 but I wanted one for a twin bed so I went to the new quilt shop in town, "The Circle of Friends" and purchased a few fat quarters so that I had 48 - 10 inch squares.

I had to use my Living room floor.
I didn't have any other space
that was big enough.


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