Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mystery Quilt and My New Helper

Last spring the local guild had a mystery quilt for us to try.  It came in 3 sizes and I chose the smaller one but it wasn't quite big enough so I added an inside border.  It now measures 41 x 51, and I think it is a nicer size for a lap quilt.

By adding the border the same colour as the background
it makes the other parts and the stars
appear to float on the background.

I also have a new helper.
This is Banshee.
We are minding my sons cats for a few months
and she follows me around.

I am working on this Twister Christmas Wreath
and she seems to like it too.

It doesn't seem to matter where I am she wants to be
near me or on my lap.

It is hard to type with a kitten on your lap.

This is Buckley, all he wants to do is go outside
and he is not allowed
since they just moved here.


1 comment:

cmcleonard said...

You better be careful or you will fall in love with those cats! They are lucky to have you as their babysitter for a while.