Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twelve days of Christmas

I bought this panel a few years ago and just put it away and sort of forgot about it.  I pulled it out and decided to get it finished for this Christmas.  It is suppose to be a wall hanging but it is 45 x 57 so I would need a very large wall to hang it on.

I had downloaded the instructions when I bought the panel and I am glad that I did since it may not be available now.  I took the panel out and when I went to cut it to size it was crooked, and there was not way that I could see to make it straight and not lose too much of the panel.  I took it to the Wednesday needle group and a couple of the gals really helped me out.  We ended up stretching the panel by pulling on the corners.  It worked.

I only bought the large panel and when
I went to put it together I discovered that I needed corner stones.

I didn't realize that I was suppose to buy 2 panels.
I found these poinsettias in my stash.
They match really well since there are poinsettia in the corners of the panel.

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