Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Lost has been Found

The last time that I was in Duluth I purchased a cone of "bottom line" thread by Superior Threads.  I really liked it and had wound a few bobbins to use.  When my son moved out a few months ago and I moved my sewing room upstairs, I realized that the cone was missing.  We searched everywhere and could not find it.  Our son had 2 cats and we thought that maybe they had knocked it onto the floor so I even got down on my hands and knees to look under the shelving units that were in my old space.

It really makes you wonder how one
could lose something this large.

I tried to let it go but kept looking for that elusive cone.  

At the beginning of the new year I usually sort out the scraps that have accumulated over the past year and put them into their respective bins.  Every thing is colour coded so that when I want a small piece of fabric I can just go to the appropriate bin and find it.

I have a nice shelving unit to store my bins.

some of my scraps

More scraps.

Well, I couldn't believe it.  I opened up the dark blue bin and yelled to YKW to come into my sewing room.
There was the cone of thread, in all its glory, in the bin.  I must have put it there when we were moving me upstairs and forgot about it.  What a relief to finally find it.

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