Friday, January 6, 2012

Quilt Therapy Thursday

When my oldest grandson was visiting us years ago I was in the middle of doing some physiotherapy sessions and didn't want to stop so I went to my sessions twice a week for the 3 weeks that he was with us.  He was probably 6 or 7 at the time.  YKW told him that I was in therapy and he asked "Is grandma going crazy?"  We explained that therapy was a short form for Physiotherapy and to this day still get a chuckle when we think of that.

I have decided that our Thursday Group is now "Quilt Therapy".  The 4 of us quilt on our own but get together once a week for "therapy". 

Yesterday was a fun day catching up since we hadn't been together as a group for about a month and we did manage to accomplish a few things.

Pierina is still working on her trees, and was excited at the end of the day to say that she had only 5 to go.  She has about 24-30 trees to do for this quilt.  All the red are finished, and now she is working on the green ones.

This is how she keeps it organized.

Two of her trees with green background.
Next week she will be trimming them to size.

Joyce was quilting the cushions
to match her bed scarf.

Maria is ready to quilt her paper-pieced
star burst.

I am working on a BOM from
I am going to make mine scrappy and give it as a
donation quilt when it is finished.

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