Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paris revisited again

I bought fabric last year when Lynda and I went to Paris and finally got my nerve up to cut it.  This is the fabric from Le Rouvary Quilt shop that has the shop name on the fabric.  The fabric is called Romance de Paris Hearts and Flowers.  It doesn't really match anything in my house but I really liked it so I bought it.

I paid 4 Euros for 2 fat quarter pieces and the shop owner gave us some of her leftover scraps.  If you calculate it into Canadian dollars it is almost 7 dollars per fat quarter.  Well I am only going to be in Paris once in this lifetime so I bought it.

I had to piece the back of the cushion that I made because I wanted it to be made out of all Paris fabric.

I made the back envelope style
so that the cover can be taken
off if I wanted to.

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