Saturday, August 4, 2012

Small Design Board

This is something that I thought a lot about making but just never did it until now.  I seem to be always jumping up and down from my sewing machine, (not that it is a bad thing to do) so when I saw this on another blog I decided to make one for myself.  I used her idea but made mine a little different.  You can see hers HERE.

I cut a piece of Styrofoam
13 x 13 since a lot of blocks
are finished at 12 inches.

Then I cut a piece of white flannelette
larger than my square.

Then I ran hot glue along around the edge
of the flannelette to stick it to the

Make sure you have something to rest your
glue gun on like a piece of paper
so that the glue doesn't go on your
cutting mat.

Nicely secured all around with

The right side.  It looks a little askew
but it could be just my picture

It didn't take me long to put it to use.
The idea is to lay out the block
on the design block and carry
it to the sewing machine so that it can
sewn together with very little

Block of the Month.

I didn't like doing this block.  The instructions were very poor.  Everything was cut on the bias and sewn together and that meant no sizing up of the square.  There were no final sizes for any of the blocks, you had to rely on your own judgement to decide what size each block should be.  This was the worst block from this series.  You had to be sure to sew the scantest quarter inch seam ever and then the final rows were sewn together with a regular quarter inch seam.

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