Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My September Blocks Are Finished

I finally finished my Craftsy Block of the Month for September.  I had never done a drunkard's path block so it was nice to learn something new.  I made a different block for my first one because instead of cutting the templates I bought Elisa's templates and they were the wrong size.  I learned a lot from using them though.  I also watched her video which was a lot of help using these templates.  I needed the squares to finish at 3 inches and when I used the templates they finished at 3 1/2 inches so in order to make a 12 1/2 inch block I had to put a border around what I made.

September Block Number One

For my second block I made templates so that the block would finish at 12 1/2 inches.

September Block Number Two

Our Guild has a wonderful program every month.  Some very talented people put together a very interesting program at our September guild meeting.  First we had a Phys Ed teacher talk to us about keeping fit and do some exercises when we are quilting.  Many of us tend to hunch ourselves over and tense up when we are quilting and she tried to help us loosen up and relax.

Next the committee showed us some strippers.  They spent the weekend making strip sets of all the colours of the rainbow.  The strip sets were 14 1/2 inches by 68 inches.  They asked us to make a red strip set for this month.  I don't have enough reds to do that, so I recruited a few friends to make 14 1/2 inch squares in red and we will sew them together to make our strip.

My Red 14 1/2 inch square.



Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on using the templates that you made yourself for the drunkards path? I don't have the right size templates either but I'd like to make the block. I'm late to the party but I'd like to make the Craftsy BOM to.

Anonymous said...

oh and I think that your blocks look great! You sure will end up with a lot of sampler quilts when you're finished :)