Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quilt Therapy at -36C

It was another very bitterly cold day today with a temperature of -36C with a windchill of -44C.  What a day for quilt therapy and my car decided that it didn't want to start in this cold weather.  Luckily our vehicles were nose-to-nose in the driveway so YKW was able to use the booster cables and I was on my way.

The sun was shining into the plant room so we warmed up and were able to do lots of quilting.
First of all we organized the blocks in my Irish Quilt.  So now I have to start sewing them together.

This was taken with my Ipod touch so
I lost a bit of it.

Pierina finished block 4
of the Craftsy BOM.

Then she organized some of her
fabrics for blocks 5 and 6

Joyce is working on a quilt with
a beautiful panel of horses. 
Check out that cute kitten!

I was able to finish 6 of these blocks and
also put together some of the 4 patch 
corner blocks.
Lot of progress.


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cmcleonard said...

More fabulous work! You are so lucky.